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A DUI conviction can result in a jail sentence, fines, administrative license revocation, mandatory alcohol classes, and other consequences. The points on your insurance could also cost you thousands in the long run due to increased premiums. Needless to say, being convicted of a DUI has severe consequences that shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you’ve been charged with a DUI, you should partner with a defense lawyer who has specific experience representing clients in these cases in your local courts. Attorney Diane Regan regularly represents clients in drunk driving cases in El Centro, CA and the surrounding areas.

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Common DUI Defense Strategies

Keys next to drinkYou shouldn’t have to plead guilty or try to fight your case on your own. Diane will examine the facts of your case to develop a defense strategy that proves your innocence or shows that your rights were violated in the process of the arrest.

  • Challenge the accuracy of the breathalyzer test; interfering substances, certain medical conditions, and simple equipment malfunctions can cause false readings.

  • Prove that the arresting officer didn’t follow standard procedures in your roadside investigation or arrest; they had no probable cause for pulling you over, made an error in the field test, didn’t read you your rights, etc.

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