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Attorney Diane Regan defends persons accused of drug crimes in El Centro, CA and the surrounding areas. She is a passionate criminal defense lawyer with nearly 10 years of experience representing those who face criminal charges for a variety of drug-related crimes including possession, trafficking, manufacturing, importation of controlled substances, and more. Depending on the circumstances, these crimes can be charged as misdemeanors or felonies and at the state or federal level. Diane has experience in both state and federal courts and is prepared to defend your rights aggressively. If you need an experienced and assertive legal advocate to tell your side of the story, contact the Law Office of Diane M. Regan today.

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Close up of man's hands in handcuffsThere are many U.S border checkpoints in Southern California that function to stop illegal immigration and the importation of controlled substances into the country. The charges and penalties for getting caught with illegal drugs at the border vary based on the type of substance and the amount you were found with. If you were caught importing an amount large enough to indicate that it was intended for sale, you will likely face a federal felony charge. Whether you are charged with simple possession or importation of a controlled substance, defense representation from a qualified attorney can protect your future.

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