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Criminal Defense & Drug Crimes Attorney in El Centro, California

Attorney Diane Regan

Diane Regan

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After earning my J.D. from California Western School of Law in 1999, I decided to dedicate my career to pursuing justice for individuals accused of drug crimes, DUIs, and other charges. As a clerk for a criminal defense attorney during law school, and a public defender for 13 years in San Diego County, I learned the importance of passion when it comes to defending the rights of others. Now, after more than 20 years of experience in the courtroom fighting for my clients' futures, I'm still proud to bring that same dedication to each and every case.


I've Been Accused of A Crime. Now What?

Demand Your Right to Silence

If you are arrested, the 5th Amendment grants you the right to remain silent. If you can, be sure to state that you have chosen to remain silent as a guaranteed legal right. Beyond this, do not talk to the police. You can talk your way into trouble, but you can't talk your way out of it again.

Communicate With Me

Reach out to a skilled lawyer as soon as possible. During our free initial consultation, I'll make sure to really listen as you tell your story. It's important that I understand the full picture, and that you don't leave anything out. When we work together, you can feel free to call any time with questions or concerns about your case.

Stay Positive & Focused

Just because you've been accused of criminal activity doesn't mean you're guilty. Remember, the prosecution has to prove their case. If you've been accused of a crime in Imperial County, let's collaborate to seek a favorable outcome and stay focused on the end goal: defending your rights and protecting your future.

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Strong Legal Advocacy Helping You Move Forward

If you've ever faced criminal charges, you understand how damaging a criminal conviction can be. Having a conviction on your record can negatively impact your future, and the emotional and financial burden of a criminal accusation can be incredibly hard to bear. Both you and those you love are deeply affected. You need to reach out to someone who can help take the weight off your shoulders, someone who can stand in your corner.

At the Law Office of Diane M. Regan, I work with clients all across the El Centro metro area who are accused of drug crimes, DUIs, violent crimes, smuggling illegal aliens, and more. If you live in Brawley, San Diego, Calexico, or Ocotillo, California, put yourself in a position to move forward by reaching out right away. Together, we'll seek to put this moment behind you. No matter what happened in your situation, no one deserves to feel hopeless or lost.

For over 20 years, I've been helping individuals in El Centro and throughout Imperial County assert their legal rights and defend themselves against criminal charges. As a former public defender in San Diego, I offer valuable insights to give my clients a strong advantage both in and out of the courtroom. It takes an experienced litigator and trial attorney to make sure all of my clients are prepared for the legal challenges that might lie ahead.

Whether you've been arrested for a DUI or you're facing more serious charges like drug possession or a felony offense, you deserve a strong advocate in your corner. I'll work hard to ensure you have a strategic defense as we work toward protecting your future. If you or someone you love needs legal guidance, schedule a free meeting with me. I'm proud to serve San Diego, El Centro, and the Imperial Valley in Southern California.